Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Walkin' in a Hobo Wonderland

*A Tribute to Canadian Winter... Thanks to Steve Curtis on this one *

Walking in a hobo wonderland...

In the meadow we can drink some whiskey and pretend we're not beaten to the grooound;
We'll go to all the charitable feastings and find the Sally Ann to shake 'em doooown;
Later on we'll retire by a garbage can fire, begging for change, gee ain't life strange;
Freezing in a hobo wonderland, head to the plains, let's hop the next train;
Gettin out of hobo wonderlaaaaand
Gettin out of hobo wonderlaaaaand
Gettin out of hobo wonderlaaaaand

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cheap, economical reality!

Being a hobo is one thing.... no money to buy things, always stretching the weekly budget to afford those ketchup packets (no wait, those get lifted from the McDonalds)

BUT, being a "Technobo" is similar and different. I mean seriously, YOU CAN'T AFFORD FOOD! WHY DO YOU NEED TO BUY MORE RAM??!! Personally, given the choice between a new Nic card and food for 3 days?... well, being a technobo means that decision was already made, naturally...and yes, the new Nic works makes my stomach stop grumbling sometimes...