Thursday, July 26, 2007


I have now provided the world with proof that SPAM simply doesn't go bad... if it was ever good at all...

Over 10 years ago, I picked up a can of SPAM as a gag gift ( what can I say... it was at the advent of the internet, and you actually couldn't buy it on PEI... it made sense at the time... )
So, over the following years, the can of SPAM became a momento... and was eventually tucked away into a box ( which followed me through multiple moves, through multiple provinces )

When cleaning out my storage unit, I recently re-discovered said can of SPAM, which I decided to use in a cruel experiment. ( Myself and Fiend being the test victims... ) The experiment being, was SPAM still good after 10 years ( and yes, I have eaten a "fresh" can before... and I don't believe SPAM would ever qualify as being "good" in the first place, as my friends Patrick and Ashley can definitely attest...the Sodium Content is almost high enough to give you a heart attack )

Here's a little pictography to help you out on your journey...

Look at the beautiful picture... but what kind of GD loaf of meat looks like that?

Fully Cooked? But what the hell is it? Mostly salt / sodium and some form or deboned ( or deformed? ) meat products.

Kind of reminds me of dog food. Or maybe just dog yak?

Notice the light gelatinous coating. Yeah, this shit slides down. In so many ways, it's impossible to describe.

And now the preparation for the SPAMBURGER HAMBURGER!!!!!!!!

Deboned meat husks roasting slowly on an open fire. What is wrong with this picture.

So now you know. The salt content of SPAM is high enough that it will outlast even the cockroaches... how much fun is that? And also, no obvious ill effects except some stomach rumbles from attempting to digest that amount of salt in one sitting... *barfs*