Friday, December 08, 2006

Better off ( Frozen? )

Welcome to Canadian Winter, you poor bastards.

But at least we're doing better than some people, living our technobo lifestyle.
Better than this guy, at least ( though I have contemplated doing the same as him every now and again, probably better advertising than what I currently have, going by the page hits here )

Not much of a way to live, but you gotta do something strange for the change :D
And, most of our PC's look better than this one ( I hope... though poor Fiends PC defies all logic as of yet. We're not quite sure how it is working )

And it's still better than living a life of eternal servitude...
don't even get me started on this topic. It's a bad idea.
And remember... in your times of need... Jesus won't save you...
but here is something that just might:

Your local Food Bank - Always a great source... better than your local church, that's for sure.

Peace out, blessed be, and have some Happy Holidays;

PS - Stay warm.