Thursday, September 11, 2008

Technobo rant...

*they've been doing endless construction between my place and where I work*

I was biking down through the causeway this morning, and there were 3 choices. Attempt using the walking path on the far side of the road ( which, due to the construction, is dangerous enough that I wouldn't even attempt it on foot ) biking with ( or against traffic ) OR... heading down through the so-called construction zone ( where there were 2 trucks with Highfield employees sitting on the
tailgates having coffee... IE - no one was working )

So, I took the logical choice, and zipped down through the construction zone, seeing as it made sense. Made it to the far side ( the lights down by the causeway shops ) where one of the Highfield boys caught up to me in his car and flagged me to pull over. He then told me that they couldn't have people going through the construction zone because they can't have someone get hurt. I was nice... nodded and agreed and went on my way, because I know that he's just doing his job. But seriously...the least chance I have of getting hurt ( and I've learned from experience ) is heading through the so-called construction zone. Simply because there ain't no one doing jack.
So my option from this point on is to cross my fingers and hope a car doesn't decide to maul me while I'm playing in traffic. Sounds brilliant, ya fucking tools.

So that's my happy story for today. Soon to come > a can of Chunky soup that's been sitting outside for 6+ months.

Matt "Technobo" Turner.


Fiend said... lawl

MTTechServ said...

Mwah ha ha.
But, they are almost done and it doesn't look half bad either. Guess that's all I can hope for.